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We are premier real estate firm, who strive for the innovation, concrete success and a relentless devotion to customers satisfaction, based in Bangalore. We share the heritage of M/s.Shabnam Developers who hold the distinction of being the top builder and developer in Bangalore. We commit to an unmatched quality and aim for projects to be completed safely, on time, on budget, with zero defects, to the complete satisfaction of our customers and work tirelessly to innovate in all aspects of our work, from apartments to condominiums to self-contained residential enclaves to commercial complexes.


We are premier real estate firm building structures which has a blend of innovation that produce ethereal impression. We strive for innovation, concrete success and provide a fabrication of customers dreams.Thus tuning people to a solemn mood.


HONEY PROPERTIES is an exceptionally ethical company that built its foundation on the key belief that customer satisfaction is a primary measure of success. We emphasize on integrity, reliability, competitive pricing and timely completion of projects.

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